As millions of people across the U.S. spent Labor Day baking in the heat, Utah experienced its very first snowfall of 2023. The first snow fell at Bald Mountain Pass in the Uinta Mountains, to the east of Salt Lake City.

While the slopes aren’t open just yet at Powder Mountain, they will be before you know it.. The summer season of mountain biking, golfing, and hiking has come to an end at our Utah resort. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start planning your 2023/2024 season Utah ski getaways.

Ready to start planning your next winter adventure? Keep reading to learn the steps you need to plan your trip this year.

Choose the Best Utah Ski Resorts

If you’re thinking about planning Utah ski getaways this winter, now is the time to get planning. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a resort. Ski Magazine recently released its list of the top 30 Western ski resorts. And the results make planning your luxury ski vacation a breeze.

Powder Mountain was named the number-one ski resort by the magazine, a huge jump from its 18th ranking from last year. The resort earned accommodations for its incredible snow, great value, and variety of terrain. If you’re looking to enjoy uncrowded runs, fresh, natural powder, and an overall great value for your money, you can’t beat Powder Mountain vacations.

Start Early

Now that you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to start planning your vacation. 

The winter season will be here before you know it. While Powder Mountain might be the largest ski resort in North America, don’t mistake this for thinking that means that it’s easy to score a lift ticket or pass.

One of the things that makes Powder Mountain vacations so unique is how limited the number of available tickets and passes are. This results in slopes that are never overcrowded, and plenty of fresh powder to go around. But this also means that it can sometimes be difficult to score a ticket, especially during busy weekends and around the holidays.

The best way to combat this is to book your visit as early as possible. If you want to plan a last-minute luxury ski vacation, though, don’t worry. When you book a vacation rental from Powder Mountain as a part of your Utah ski getaways, you’ll be guaranteed lift tickets during your stay!

Choose Your Week or Weekend

Before you can book your Utah ski getaways, you need to choose the perfect week or weekend for your trip. There’s no bad time of the season to plan Powder Mountain vacations. But when you book your stay can have an impact on your overall experience.

While Powder Mountain might offer minimal crowds all season long, this doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid the crowds everywhere you go on your vacation. If you’re flying in for your luxury ski vacation, expect crowds to be the heaviest around the winter holidays, as well as around popular holiday weekends like Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Highend ski condos and other vacation rentals might also be harder to book around the holidays. So if you’re planning Powder Mountain vacations around Christmas, make sure to book your lodging early to guarantee your choice of our luxury rentals.

Decide Whether to Rent or Bring Your Own Gear

The next big decision to make when planning Utah ski getaways is whether you’ll travel with your gear or wait to rent it when you arrive. Having your own gear is non-negotiable for many winter sports lovers. But traveling with ski and snowboard gear can be a hassle, especially around the busy holiday travel season. Lost luggage can cause a major headache, and could impact your time on the slopes.

Renting your gear upon your arrival is a convenient way to reduce what you have to pack and get you on the slopes without delay. Equipment rentals are available from Powder Mountain daily. You can even save money and time by reserving your gear online ahead of your visit.

Book Lessons Before You Arrive

If you know that you’d like to brush up on your skills or someone in your group is just starting out, make sure to book your lessons before you arrive at Powder Mountain. Powder Mountain offers a variety of private lessons and group classes throughout the season. Scheduling them online in advance will ensure that you get a spot, and allow you to better plan your time during your getaway.

Start Planning Your Utah Ski Getaways Today

While the snow might not be falling just yet, now is the best time to start planning your 2023/2024 Utah ski getaways. From booking highend ski condos and vacation rentals to purchasing a lift ticket or season pass from Powder Mountain, these tips can help jumpstart the planning process.

Ready to start planning your own luxury ski vacation? Start by booking your stay at Powder Mountain today!